Biological Science

Assistant Professor

DESIGNATION : Assistant Professor in Biological Science Education

“Biology has proof without any certainty. Creationists has certainty without any proof”.
Biology has introduced new ways of thinking and reasoning. Biology is organized common sense. Biology develops three basic facts “Truth, goodness, and beauty “.Biology is an activity where truthfulness is necessary for getting success.

Biology is the  best teacher  of accurate, acute and exhaustive observation  it encourage the habit of mind which will rest in nothing but what is true , truth is the ultimate and only object and there is the ever recurring ahead to facts as the test of truth  ” Science teachers  what evidence is what proof is”.

Biology contains knowledge that has utilitarian value. Biology is a subject that explains the cause and effect relationship of many incidents, Biology is a cumulative and endless series of empirical observations, which results in the formation of concepts theories.

The knowledge of biology helps to solve the various problems regarding global warming, it is necessary to have some elementary knowledge of biology for becoming a useful member of a community it to the daily life. Here, Biology students are prepared vocationally and become useful members of society.


“Harrey” Resource centre is regarded as the heart of science teaching. Facts become everlastings if students perform the experiments themselves. Biology departments provides new technique of teaching, improvisation of science apparatus, science kit OHP, LCD Projects etc..,

“Learning by Doing “, the most effective method of learning biology. Experiments by students in the laboratory are first hand experience.

Harrey resource center:

The biology laboratory should be flexible for its effective use. The laboratory possess

  • Mounded specimens
  • Microscopic slides
  • Models
  • Charts
  • Wall hangings
  • Glass articles
  • Conical flasks, Test tubes, Measuring jar
  • Aquarium

Darwin’s Club:

“Learning by Doing and Learning by Living are two important Factors of Learning. Science club, students get an opportunity to extra learning in addition to their course content.


  • To identify and mature the future scientists.
  • To develop creativity and encourage the habit of exploration.
  • To encourage critical thinking.
  • To inculcate scientific attitude.
  • To keep the students in touch with the latest progress of biology.


  • Arranging visits to places of scientific  interest
  • Holding science fairs and Exhibition.
  • Celebrating Science days.
  • Preparing Models and Charts
  • Arranging declamation Debates and Science quiz.
  • Preparing phenyl, soap ink etc things of common use.
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