Computer Science

Assistant Professor

DESIGNATION : Assistant Professor in Computer Science

Awareness and understanding of the Computer, its role in society and its impact on education”.

Computer science is engaged, in fact, in the profound study of art and the expression of beauty. The Department is shared in the year 2012.

The student teachers of computer science develop the skills:

  • ICT in Education.
  • The values of ICT in Education.
  • ICT help’s creating interest of the student’s in the learning of Computer Science.
  • Smart Board Provides training to the students for the practical applications.
  • LCD help’s in satisfying thee creative and constructive urges of the students.


  • Computer’s are used to do a learning activity new and creative way or to do a learning activity that is possible only with the help of technology.
  • Computers are used as a tool for learning and not as technology for technology’s sake that is Student are not sent a lab just so that it can be said that technology is being used.
  • Computers are used in a way that accommodates student varied development levels and needs.
  • Computers are integrated in the class room for use in context, not in laboratory settings using applications that are not related to real work being done in the classroom.
  • For student teachers computers should only be one of many activities that they can explore.
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