Assistant Professor

QUALIFICATION : M.A.,M.Ed, (M.Sc- PSY), (Ph.d) Pursuing
DESIGNATION : Assistant Professor in English Education

“It was in English class room that the Indian literary renaissance was born”

                                                                                                            Prof. Gokat

English is an important international language. It helps in bringing people of diverse cultures closer to each other. It is the only language through which maximum knowledge can be imparted to the students. In this modern era English language is playing a predominant role. English is a language rich in literature, humanistic, scientific and technical. It is the most common medium of communication all over the world.

Kathir College of education offers quality in teacher education. We are supporting the student teachers by providing the well effective language lab to practice the language efficiently. We are helping the student teachers to compete the modern world with hi-fi methodology of teaching in all kinds of schools. We are maintaining the literary club to boost up the students and enhance their literary attitude.


  • Continuous practice for spoken English
  • Practice modern methods for teaching of English in the class room.
  • Providing right atmosphere to enhance the creativity of the students.
  • Enhance the literary attitude of the students.
  • Practice group discussion and debate to improve their communication skill.
  • Periodical counseling for their betterment.
  • Effective Practice of language lab.

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