Assistant Professor

DESIGNATION : Assistant Professor in History Education

The course of life is like the sea, men come and go, tides rise and fall, and that is all of History”.


  • Older children in Secondary classes study history through ideas.
  • Older children in middle classes study history through events.
  • Young children in primary classes study history through personality.

History is the “Queen” or “Mother” of the Social Science. It is just “man-his story” the story if his efforts to satisfy his craving for an orderly social life, to satisfy his love for freedom and to satisfy his thirst for beauty and knowledge.

Aims and Objectives of History:-

  • To give proper conception of time, space and society.
  • To enable the pupils to accesses the values and achievements of their own age
  • To cultivate valuable intellectual attitudes
  • To teach moral principles
  • To Foster national Feelings
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