Physical Science

Assistant Professor

Ph.d – Pursuing
DESIGNATION : Assistant Professor in
Physical Science Education

Physical Science Laboratory:

The College has well equipped physical laboratory, which provides a practical training to the student’s teachers and also gives guidance.
The students are given basic skills in theoretically and practically with the help of their laboratory. The Physical science Lab is instituted in the college in order to include scientific attitude among the student teachers science and Physical science Both the divisions are well equipped apparatus, Chemicals, Specimens , enable the student teachers hands on experience in conducting Practical classes upto high school level.


  • The laboratory has all equipment and materials for teaching physical and Chemistry upto Classes XII.
  • To Provide Practical experience students and staff of nearby schools.
  • The laboratory Prepare low cost science kinds to schools.


  • Department Library
  • Computer system with LCD Projectors
  • Well Equipped Electronic and Literal apparatus
  • Individual students care.
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